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8 large stainless steel TIG welding process elements

1, the external characteristics of vertical power, when the DC positive polarity (wire then negative).
2, generally suitable for the following 6mm sheet welding with weld  appearance, a small amount of welding deformation characteristics.
3, the protective gas is argon with a purity of 99.99%. When the welding current 50 ~ 150A, the argon gas flow rate of 8 ~ 10L  / min, when the current is 150 ~ 250A, the argon gas flow rate of 12 ~  15L / min.
4,  tungsten from the gas nozzle protruding length to 4 ~ 5mm better, in  fillet welding and other places with poor shielding is 2 ~ 3mm, slotted  deep in places is 5 ~ 6mm, distance between the nozzle and the work is  generally not more than 15mm.
5, in order to prevent the emergence of welding gas inlet, welding parts such as rust, oil, etc. Be sure to clean up.
6, welding arc length: When welding ordinary steel, with 2 ~ 4mm  better; and welding of stainless steel, with 1 ~ 3mm better, long the  protective effect is not good.
7, when the docking base, in order to prevent the bottom of the back bead is oxidized back also need to implement gas.
8,  for the good of tiger argon weld pool, and easy welding operation, the  center line of tungsten welding workpiece should generally be maintained  80 ~ 85 ° angle, the angle between the surface of the filler wire and  workpiece should be as small as possible, generally about 10 °.

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