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Application of tungsten-copper alloy electrode

Tungsten-copper alloy is a high purity tungsten powder by high purity and good ductility of high conductivity Copper powder by static pressure molding,sintering,melting and refining process and composite materials. Good electrical conductivity,low thermal expansion, high temperature softening,high strength,high density and high hardness.Due to its thermal conductivity and expansion characteristics of tungsten-copper composites, tungsten-copper alloy widely used in dense packaging lines.70-90% tungsten alloy is used in the making of special shape products.1.3 enhanced permeability coefficient of copper homogeneous steel target, because both the increase in density and fracture time.Tungsten shaped charge liners, particularly suitable for oil drilling.Other Ductile metals can be used as a copper,and adhesives.Graphite lubricant powder can be added.

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