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Basic types of tungsten electrode welding with flux

Tungsten electrode welding with basic flux types are as follows:

A halogen type compound

Early  tungsten electrode welding with flux is mainly developed by the former  Soviet Union and for welding titanium alloy, formed a fluoride and  chloride-based solder coating series, the type of flux can 7mm thick  titanium straight slope butt welded into a weld, its biggest drawback is the toxicity of the flux component, it is not easy to apply and promotion.

Second, the type oxides and fluorides

Tungsten  electrode welding with flux for welding stainless steel, carbon steel  when its content to be converted to oxides and fluorides or purely  dominated by the oxide. One  kind of flux ingredient used in Japan to 25% SiO2-7% TiO2-35% Ca0-20%  CaF2-2% Al2O3-4% Fe0-7% MnO: US recently developed by the LFX-SS7 solder  oxides. According  to information it is estimated using the filler wire solder coating  does not limit the thickness of a single channel welded stainless steel  should be about 8mm, the maximum does not exceed 10mm. Currently,  the most successful is Barton Welding Institute developed for carbon  steel flux coating of the flux allows 12mm thick steel plate welded into  a butt weld (all-position welding), keyhole effect occurred during  welding, 25mm thick double  welded butt welding steel plates welded into two, and submerged arc  welding efficiency after melting polar gas shielded welding, may become a  substitute technology.

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