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Change the tungsten electrode arc welding method

Tungsten electrode TIG welded tube and pipe fittings of various diameters, (particularly small diameter or shape of the complex) is more difficult; not easy to get very good weld forming the front and back. In order to improve the quality of welding tungsten electrode welding, and can track welding method, namely pipes and fittings do not move, through a dedicated arc welding head rotating around pipe joints for 2-3 laps to complete the welding. This approach not only enables automatic welding said parts can be achieved, but also improves the quality of welding pipes.

Automatic welding of circumferential past habits are tungsten electrodes are placed on the circumference of the vertices, in order to improve the protective effect of argon, the application "uphill welding" method. "Uphill welding" in size can be determined according to the diameter and the thickness of the part of the butt.

When TIG welding seam trajectory and docking complex thin parts, hand grip gun can be carried out under the support and rely on the case. This will not only more stable operation, and can accurately welded to the correct position.

These are the improvement of the tungsten electrode arc welding method.

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