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Development trends and status of stainless steel flux-cored wire

Since the 70 's,consumption of stainless steel wire in China has been growing fast since 1990 3% of the world stainless steel consumption rose to 2000 years of rising.The statistics,1998,apparent consumption of stainless steel in China reached 1.3 million tons in 1999,consumption reached 1.5 million tons;apparent consumption of 2000 reached 1.65 million tons.Under the stainless steel consumption growth and development trend of the past two years, references to national economic growth rate forecast in 2005,China stainless steel electrodes consumption will reach 2.3 million tons,becoming the world's first.After welding technicians in recent years of effort,the digestion and absorption of foreign technology and joint venture efforts, domestic stainless steel welding material level has been greatly improved,but compared with the advanced world level,there is a gap.

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