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Different types of flux-cored wire maintenance

Gas-shielded flux-cored wire with precision wire winding technology and has excellent welding performance,stable arc,spatter,moderate flat,smooth wire,weld appearance wire down.Introduced international advanced level of special welding lines and supporting a full range of testing equipment.Wire shielding gas flows with 15-20L/MIN as appropriate.Special welding is also used in wear resistance and toughness of high manganese steel welding,such as the spiral,Dozer blade,grabbing,crushing blades and other.Gas-shielded flux-cored wire packaging closed so that the color does not change and stainless steel for a long time.Steel can be welded directly on the cast iron.Melting solder particles and breathability,to ensure that welding good shape,finally formed by solidification of molten slag crust with good slag detachability of performance.Agglomerated flux basicity coefficient of 1.6-1.8, gray spherical particle,particle size for 2.0-0.28mm.Assist Tin flow flux has excellent performance and rapid removal of metal oxide layer.Cored wire is mainly used for grinding rollers,millstones and other wear-resistant surface wear resistant surfacing.Special welding electrode for wear of single-layer or multi-layer weld a variety of parts,such as gears,buckets,mining machinery,etc.Hand-electrode has excellent welding performance, stable electric arc,weld bead appearance,less spatter,AC-DC.

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