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Gap welding consumables industry in China and look forward to

In 2005, China's steel output of 349million t,30.9% per cent of world steel output of 1.13billion t,welding material output of about more than 2.7million t,accounting for about 50% welding consumables total output of more than 5million t of the world.In 2006 China's steel consumption will be about 400million t,welding consumables production to 3million t.Authorities predict that in 2010 China's steel consumption will be more than 500million t,welding material consumption will reach about 3.5 million t.China has become the world unique welding material consumption power.Welding consumables industry in China has been developing rapidly,foreign enterprises also have welding consumables through exporting products and providing technical services and set up factories in China,ways to compete for the market.

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