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Lanthanum Tungsten Electrodes(WL20,WL15)

Basic Info.

Model NO.:W ElectrodesType:electrode
Package:Inner Packing: 10PCS in a Plastic Box Attached LabSpecification:Dia1.0-10mm*L
Trademark:MaikeOrigin:Zibo, China
Dimension:Dia(1.0-10)*L L<1500mmHS Code:8102960000
Production Capacity:8 Tons

Product Description

Lanthanated Tungsten Electrode:

Lanthanated tungsten electrode attracts close attention and becomes popular in international welding area for its unique welding performance; it is easy to use under AC or DC conditions; lanthanated electrodes operate at a slightly different arc voltage than thoriated or ceriated electrodes; developed around the same time as ceriated tungsten to help combat the increasing awareness of the radioactivity of thoriated tungsten; generally used to weld carbon and stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium.

Product Class Of  Tungsten Electrodes And Color
 Trademark     Added impurity     Impurity quantity     Other impurities                Tungsten      Color sign  WL-10           LA2O3                     0.8-1.2                      < 0.20                     The rest       Black  WL-15           LA2O3                     1.3-1.7                      < 0.20                     The rest       Gold  WL-20           LA2O3                     1.8-2.2                     < 0.20                      The rest       Sky-blue  WT20            ThO2                        1.7-2.2                     < 0.20                      The rest       Red   WT40             ThO2                       3.4-4.4                     <0.20                       The rest       Orange  WY20             Yo2                          1.8-2.2                     < 0.20                      The rest        Blue  WP                                                                               < 0.20                     The rest      Green  WC20            CeO2                       1.8-2.2                     < 0.20                      The rest      Gray  WZ8                ZrO2                        0.7-0.9                     < 0.20                      The restt     White

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