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The development of welding materials

Welding materials is one of the key factors that determine quality of welded joints,some people say that weld is the material of seven three-point process,whether this is true or not,it does show the importance of welding materials.In the early development of arc welding,run out of welding electrode,not easy to ignite the arc,electric arc combustion instability,weld spatter,weld discontinuities,forming the very poor;for lack of protection,air is directly involved in the process of welding metallurgy,weld metal has absorbed a large amount of gas (nitrogen and hydrogen),metal properties of brittle welded,of no practical use.Welding materials from light to a thin coating electrode rod,thick-coated electrode until today,submerged arc welding,gas shielded welding wire flux core wire.After a long period of development,each appearance of new material welding on the development of a new leap forward.

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