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Tungsten electrode arc welding of thin-walled tube

For  thin-walled tube tungsten electrode TIG welding is concerned, arcing is  very important, because in the arc process, the base material due to  contact with the tungsten electrode may lead to contamination of the  base material. Action should be heated tungsten electrode base material and should not be consumed in the welding process. Similarly, the contact base material can contaminate the tungsten electrode.

For  less demanding general welding work, there are still scratching the use  of tungsten electrode base material to arcing, and then leave the metal  surface welding. Those high quality requirements of welded joints, especially the  requirement to use X-ray nondestructive testing for detecting the welded  joints, this method since the tungsten scratch the surface of the base  material may lead to joint discontinuities or defects, and therefore not  be used.

Therefore,  the thin-walled tube tungsten electrode welding often use something  called "high-frequency" approach arc, can take advantage of the power  contained within the device can also be used in the operation of  external accessories. This  high frequency arc starting method can provide an electronic channel to  the Arc field, so you can skip the current arc between the tungsten  electrode and the base material. This provides a way for the non-contact arcing method. There  are a cross between a high-frequency and intermediate scratch arcing  method, which gently tungsten electrode contacting the base material to  produce a small voltage when the arc is ignited, light lift the torch. This method avoids the chance to scratch along the base material of the tungsten electrode, reducing pollution. However,  this method still can not achieve the kind of clean, high frequency arc  starting method in some high demand still does not allow the use of  welds.

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