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Tungsten electrode cutting vertical section

Tungsten production process there is a program called cutting general  cutting machine out of the tungsten diameter vertical section is smooth,  that is similar to this:

Of course, this is already after the dip paint program tungsten, but we can look at the section of tungsten, vertical smooth.

So  there is a general market tungsten, tungsten head is smooth oval head,  such tungsten electrode head what good is it, in normal welding  operation, the worker usually installed tungsten from tungsten gun  porcelain at  the mouth of the insert, generally through the lower half of the  sub-folder tungsten, tungsten oval head made easier this operation. But  the formal method of operation is to unscrew the pistol head  protection, the tungsten from tungsten clip the top half of the insert,  so the domestic production of tungsten tungsten manufacturers are  vertical section, of course, in some specific market,  since the master welder accustomed to irregular operation, would prefer  to use the oval head of tungsten, here, as a leading manufacturer of  tungsten, tungsten Maike remind you to buy tungsten depends on many , the surface and diameter. Of course, if you do not understand this, then you can consult experts in this field.

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