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Tungsten electrode market analysis

Tungsten raw material prices led products, scrap tungsten steel shipments will increment; lack of market supply of molybdenum concentrate, ferromolybdenum price continued upward.

Tungsten market: tungsten raw materials continued to rise, driven by products, waste tungsten steel but still steady, manufacturers will ship increments; Minmetals Ganzhou Tungsten Association and guidance were introduced, the tungsten market strong run.

Molybdenum market: by the international molybdenum market impact, coupled with lack of market supply of molybdenum concentrate, molybdenum concentrate prices continued to rise. Currently ferromolybdenum offer strong upward market activities.

Macro News: April exports increase 4.1% continued to pick up pace; abandon Wall Street expected the Fed to raise interest rates in June; an increase in supply of steel prices continue to fall, the People's Daily: L-type economy to continue for several years, can not add leverage to push hard; the central bank: to keep the money stable financial environment and neutral moderation; non-farm payrolls less than expected, driven by a weak dollar metal prices; due to political turmoil and economic contraction, Fitch downgraded Brazil to "junk."

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