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Analysis Of Latest Tungsten Market In China From China Tungsten

Analysis of latest tungsten market in China from China tungsten Online<br><br>New round of guide prices for ammonium paratungstate for the late March dropped, which further strengthening the downstream trend. Expectations for terminal demand recovery and tight supply of raw materials are disappointed in the tungsten market, which presses the current market price. Given that, short-term tungsten price will maintain weak adjustment.<br> <br>The sluggish trading and increased spot goods discourage sellers and market participants are caught in heavy wait-and-see atmosphere, so tungsten concentrate price is weak at present. As downstream demand has not seen improvement, most insiders are negative about the market trend in the April. Traders with cash flow pressure urges to sell low-price tungsten concentrate, causing a slight confusion in the market quotation.<br> <br>Trading is hard to be concluded in the downstream market, purchasers force price down, so doom and gloom rules the APT market. Positive side in environmental protection and production cost does not show up, thus manufacturers slow down the quotation. Xiamen Tungsten released the second guide prices for March amid ammonium paratungstate price was $299.6/mtu, down $6.2/mtu compared with last round.


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