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Carbide 10th Shanghai International Industry Exhibition In April Next Year At The Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center


 Rapid development (Billions Browse Reuters) economy and society, science and technology advances,

the production of manufacturing demand for carbide product continuous development. Looking forward

carbide products market, coupled with China's "Thirteen Five" development plan for high-end equipment 

manufacturing industry demand for the use of carbide products, cemented carbide products market under

the new economic forms prospects.

Carbide as dental industry with high hardness, strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, 

for the manufacture of cutting tools, cutting tools, drilling tools and wear parts, widely used in 

military, aerospace, machining , metallurgy, oil drilling, mining tools, electronic communications,

construction, etc., with the development of downstream industries, carbide increasing market demand.

Future high-tech weaponry and equipment manufacturing, as well as rapid progress in the development 

of cutting-edge science and technology of nuclear energy, will greatly increase the demand for 

high-tech and high stability of cemented carbide products. High value-added, high-performance, 

high-quality carbide products will become the main market.

By the China Tungsten Industry Association co-host of the Shanghai branch of carbide carbide International

Industrial Exhibition (CCEC CHINA) has been successful in the Everbright Convention & Exhibition 

Centre organized several sessions, China Tungsten Industry Association, will be held during the exhibition 

Carbide Club International carbide-related forum; CCEC CHINA held in recent years by the industry 

recognition and support of the majority of well-known enterprises. CCEC CHINA will continue to work

for the industry to hold larger and more professional China cemented carbide industry first brand 

exhibition, an important window to build economic and trade exchanges and cooperation platform for 

the country to the world!

Everybody is welcome to exhibitors, notice is hereby!

Show specific issues are as follows:

First, the Show Name: Shanghai International Industry Exhibition carbide (CCEC CHINA)

Second, Show Time: April 26, 2017 to 28

Third, the Exhibition period: One year term

Fourth, Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center West Hall

V. Exhibits: Carbide raw materials, production equipment, carbide, carbide detection equipment, 

related products and carbide tools.

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