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China Has A Breakthrough In High-performance Tungsten Product

China tungsten carbide industry has 60 years of development history, which has been regarded as a big country of carbide. According to carbide branch of CTIA (China Tungsten Industry Association) statistics, the last three years (2012-2014) of the annual output of domestic carbide 2.2-2.5 million tons, which more than 40% of global output. Although the production and consumption of tungsten carbide of our country is at the leading place around the world, as far as the level of manufacture and technology, we still fall behind. In terms of the plateau of domestic tungsten carbide industries development, we developed many research projects and establish a special carbide R&D team, after more than ten years of basic research and technology development to study ultra-fine carbide nano-scale manufacturing equipment and engineering application of a series of new technologies, and work closely with companies to develop over carbide materials and high value-added products toward high-end applications development.

For WC-based tungsten carbide, compared with conventional coarse grain (the average grain size about 13μm), tungsten carbide with ultrafine grain (the average grain size about 200-500nm) and nano grain (the average grain size lower than 200nm) has high hardness, high strength, high fracture strength and excellent wear and corrosion resistance, which becomes the indispensable material for drilling, cutting and milling process. Since late 1990s, nano tungsten carbide has been emerged many new processes. In recent years, ultra-fine carbide and nano-scale preparation and industrial applications become international attention, reflecting the forefront of competitive research focus, which experienced a period of many preparation methods of nano carbide change of evolution. Such as sol - gel / co-precipitation method, a plasma method, but they are limited to use in nano WC powder synthetise in laboratory; spark plasma sintering, high pressure and so consolidation is limited to the preparation laboratory simple shape and small three-dimensional nano-polycrystalline material; Complex spray conversion method steps, the high cost of the process, demanding precision control, which greatly limits the technology in the manufacture of nano-WC-based powder application.

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