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China's Machine Tool Industry Transformation And Upgrading Of Imminent

In  the economic development, national policy support and other development  background, China's CNC machine tool industry's strong demand will  continue to maintain high growth, especially high-end CNC machine tools  will usher in a larger market space. However,  for a long time China's economic development is still mainly dependent  on the import of high-grade bed, domestic mid-range CNC system market  share of only 5%, while the high-end bed 95% of the required CNC system  from outside, the functional components of the domestic market share is  only 30%.

In  recent years in China's machine tool manufacturing industry has a  consensus that: China's high dividend economy has begun in the past,  2012 China's economic transformation focused on the transformation of  the manufacturing sector. A  website that, although China has the world's largest number of machine  tool manufacturers, but the lack of world-class multinational machine  tool group and the "fine, special, special" small giant business. Machine tool industry as the machine tool industry, transformation and upgrading of the urgency of the more obvious.

The  current machine design and innovation capabilities can not meet the  needs of the aviation industry, making the user had to seek foreign  manufacturers. Domestic  machine tools are not mature and strong reliability of the CNC system,  the domestic CNC system only in the general electrical processing  equipment to maintain the corresponding market share. Therefore, China's machine tool industry transformation and upgrading is imminent.

"Transformation and upgrading" is the inevitable choice of machine tool enterprises bigger and stronger. Transformation  and upgrading can only be satisfied to do is not enough, you need to  achieve from "can do" to "do a good job" of the upgrade and across; only  do a product is not enough, need to provide users with a complete  solution. But at the same time the Chinese die net also said that as the  pace of domestic machine tool product adjustment is still not fast  enough and timely, mostly made of low-end machine tool products mainly,  middle and low machine tools occupy more than half of China's machine  tool production.

Only  the technical means is not enough, the overall quality of the  enterprise needs to enhance; only products, market adjustment is not  enough, the need for specialization within the industry structure  adjustment; only consider the technical and economic factors is not  enough, the need for enterprise systems and Cultural level of innovation and upgrading. Therefore, in order to promote the "machine tool power" goal, a Web site proposed three landmark goals:

First, in the industry's major service areas of key enterprises  leading products, typical parts processing equipment, a breakthrough.

Second, domestic CNC machine tools, especially in the high-end CNC  machine tools in the domestic market share increased significantly, the  domestic application of high-end CNC machine tools CNC system and the  localization of the main functional components increased significantly.

Third,  a few or more machine tool products become internationally renowned  brands, a few or more enterprises to become the world's strong  enterprises.

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