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Control Ammonia--the Key To Reduce The Pullution Of Tungsten And Molybdenum Metallurgical

Global tungsten proved total reserves of only 2.9 million tons, China's tungsten resource reserves are rich in the world's proven reserves of tungsten mineral resources accounted for about 60%, ranking first in the world. China's molybdenum production ranked first in the world, accounting for 37.4% of global production in 2010. China tungsten and molybdenum reserves production for the world.

Kinds of Tungsten products are from the Tungsten Metallurgical,such as Tungsten Welding Electrode,Tungsten bar,Tungsten wire and etc.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding can weld most metal and alloy,such as carbon steel,alloy steel,heart-resistant alloy and etc.

But the current tungsten and molybdenum smelting enterprises to adopt the end of the high cost of environmental management, so reduce the relevant costs of pollution control research is necessary.

But the cost of environment management is very high because of the measures in this time,so it is necessary to recude some pollution.

Shandong Maike Non-Ferrous Metal Technology Co.,LTD is the pioneer of this field and is challenging the new project ceaselessly with technological methods. During the process, the staff of Maike build the special cooperate culture with their great enthusiasm, attic faith and unique technique. The idea of development is that Maike must be responsible for the whole society, It is also reflected in the corporate culture. 

The research and development base and manufacturing factory of Shandong Maike Non-Ferrous Metal Technology Co.,LTD is located in ZIBO which is famous for its heavy industry. We supply goods, services and solving proposal to worldwide airline company, navigation field, motor-dom, petrol field, electric power field, machinery industry, light industry, textile industry, civil manufacturing field, and etc, our tenet is combining the advanced technique and service of the world together with our local nature, industry and human environment. The staff of Maike try their best to meet the requests of customers and creat the actual value for them finally. Meanwhile, they bring the high quality service mode to the customers and guarantee the benefits for them. 

Intermingled materials
Intermingled Quantity%
Color Standard
Thorium Tungsten Electrode
WT10ThO20.90-1.20黄色 Yellow
WT201.80-2.20红色 Red
WT302.80-3.20紫色 Purple
WT403.80-4.20橘黄色 Orange
Cerium Tungsten Electrode
WC20CeO21.80-2.20灰色 Grey
Pure Tungsten Electrode
WP------绿色 Green
Lanthanum Tungsten Electrode
WL10La2O30.80-1.20黑色 Black
WL201.30-1.70金黄色 Golden
WL301.80-2.20天蓝色 Sky Blue
Zirconium Tungsten Electrode
WZ3ZRO20.20-0.40棕色 Brown
WZ80.70-0.90白色 White
Yttrium Tungsten Electrode
WY20YO21.80-2.20蓝色 Blue
Compound Tungsten Electrode
WR---1.0-4.0蓝绿色 Turquoise Blue

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