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Cross - Boundary Development Of Rare Earth Optical Functional Materials

Because rare earths have excellent properties of light, electricity, magnetism, superconductivity and catalysis, they can be combined with other materials to form new kinds of functional materials. They are widely used in electronics, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery and energy , Light industry, environmental protection, agriculture, aerospace, defense industry and other fields. The rapid growth of rare earth consumption, especially in the field of application of new materials has become the fastest growing areas.

In recent years, rare earth consumption growth is rapid, and include rare earth permanent magnet, hydrogen storage alloy materials, luminescent fluorescent materials, purification catalyst, new materials, is the largest rare earth, is the fastest growing consumer areas.

Popular use of the green energy-saving light sources in the world are mostly related to the rare earth, which uses the most light is rare earth trichromatic energy-saving fluorescent lamps and LED solid-state light sources.

Rare earth fluorescent lamps: the global mainstream light source

From the beginning of the 20th century, 70 years, after nearly half a century of development, China's rare earth luminescent materials industry in the field of the overall level of technology and industry scale has been ranked in the world. In the early 1980s, China has been producing high-quality rare earth trichromatic energy-saving fluorescent lamps, but because of China's weak awareness of intellectual property rights, many patents for foreign applications.

Lamp with rare earth trichromatic phosphor is used in the world to produce energy-efficient fluorescent lamps of the main raw materials. The real rare earth trichromatic energy-saving lamps and ordinary incandescent energy-saving rate of up to 80%, and can get close to the daylight and natural light, making the object according to the color of pure, the production process from extensive to fine, clean, Intelligent, process controllable.

With the rapid development of white LED, rare earth trichromatic fluorescent lamps have been affected, but is still the world's leading light source.

At present, the commonly used rare earth trichromatic energy-saving lamps to compact the main shape, according to the lamp shape is divided into single H, double H, single U, double U, three U, single π, double π, spherical / spiral Many types, diameter diameter T4 ~ T2. Rare earth three-color energy-saving lamps are not only energy efficient, but also the service life than incandescent 5 to 8 times higher. Rare earth trichromatic energy-saving lamp is the world's countries to vigorously promote and promote the new electric light source, in Europe and the United States and Japan have replaced the incandescent lamp with rare earth trichromatic fluorescent lamps. China's production of three-color lamp manufacturers more, but the real use of rare earth trichromatic powder production of regular manufacturers are not many, many are the name of the rare earth tricolor energy-saving fluorescent signs to halide powder, recycled fake powder Of the products flooding the market, seriously damaged the reputation of rare earth energy-saving lamps. Truly rare earth trichromatic energy-saving fluorescent lamp is a new type of electric light source with high efficiency, energy saving, comfortable, bright and longevity.

Today, "China-made" robot, many high-end smart products also produced in China. Equipment intelligent system must grasp the standardization of materials, fine. Industry to do real, so special, so refined, and stronger, to win the brand and quality. For the visible light, the different light environment on the luminous spectrum energy distribution, light efficiency, light color, color rendering index, color fidelity index, color gamut index, light distribution, luminous flux linear density have an impact. Therefore, must be from the light source, optical, lighting materials, innovative cross-border combination. Integration of related industries professional advantage. The formation of industrial chain, not to engage in close relatives of marriage, to promote eugenics. Complementary, powerful combination. Not offside, not place, good bit, interdisciplinary fusion crystallization, emphasizing the specialization, quality, fine, practical.

Scientific practice and market demand

To achieve high-end white LED intelligent lighting, the first light source material should do a good job, start from the source, to prevent "fetal disease" reproduction (chips, phosphor). At present, the white light LED light source of biological hazards, the distribution of energy spectrum of the luminous spectrum is not balanced, there is "blue, purple, Shaoqing" shortcomings, long-term study in low-light, work, life will affect people's "biological clock "And people's physical and mental health. At present, the industry there is speculation, virtual operation, by the "foreigners" Huyou, "experts" 忽悠, deceive the government and enterprises, resulting across the board, a wind, quick success. No intellectual property rights, no real economy, where the right to speak and pricing. Most manufacturers have no intellectual property rights, no innovative ideas and original technology, copy, homogeneous low-level repetition, blind mass production, it is worth our ponder!

To enhance the quality of light source products and service quality to ease the traditional energy-saving fluorescent light, ceramic metal halide lamp and white LED lighting adjustment of the transfer process negative effects, survival of the fittest, collaborative development, transformation and upgrading for win-win situation.

China's lamp production of rare earth trichromatic phosphors from 1986 to 1.2 tons / year development in 2008 to 5500 tons / year, compared with 2007, although the decline in production a lot, but the quality of powder generally improved. 2009 was 6000 tons, compared with 2008 growth of 9% in 2010 and 2011 the market is 8,000 tons, compared with 2009 growth of 33.3% in 2012 to 4500 tons, a decrease of 43.8% over the previous year. 2013 to 3600 tons, down 20% in 2014 continued to drop to 2800 tons. 2015 continued to decline, but not much, is now in a stable state, to 2400 tons, down 16%. 2012, about 34 tons of LED phosphor, an increase of 240% over the previous year, 47 tons of LED phosphors in 2013, an increase of 28% in 2014, an increase of 60% to 110 tons. 2015 and an increase of about 20%, reaching 120 tons.

These two types of phosphors were significantly lower prices. Has been to the brink of loss management.

From the material to the device, science and art, creative design, small industry bigger market, such as: EL cold light has been used in puppet show, shadow play, cold light show luminous props. Another example: long afterglow "pebbles", the night pearl, wall, stone and other building ceramics, shape the natural landscape and dream realm.

The Chinese government on the third generation of semiconductor materials and devices to support R & D and industrialization efforts to increase, is expected to focus on advantages, to achieve innovation and overtaking leapfrog overtaking occupancy leader. And from the R & D, production, application, market, and comprehensively enhance the semiconductor industry, industrial chain, value chain, to seize the high ground of the international semiconductor field.

(GaN), silicon carbide (SiC) and other wide bandgap compounds represented by third-generation semiconductor broader application direction, from a wider nitride material system extends to a number of applications, including electricity, Electronics, microwave, carrier and so on. Ac-LED technology, high-voltage, low current, low junction temperature, long life, Ac drive chip, electronic components and light-emitting devices as one, easy to use, has mass production abroad, sold to Spain, Mexico, Italy and other countries.

Independent innovation patent

The use of rare earth elements (Ce, Nd, Eu) applications

In recent years, the application of rare earth luminescent materials is mainly reflected in four aspects, first, the added rare earth elements in quartz glass material, can absorb about 30% of the yellow spectrum of 560 ~ 620 nanometer band, improve clarity; Second, the addition of rare earth elements, can absorb 190-320 nm band of ultraviolet radiation, with environmental protection; Third, the addition of rare earth elements, can improve the ultraviolet spectrum of glass bulb 190-250 nm absorption rate, and adjustment Quartz glass expansion coefficient; Fourth, increase the strength of the quartz tube to improve the thermal shock and apply to high-intensity gas discharge lamp: metal halide lamp, xenon lamp, plasma arc tube and lamp optical lens, light diffusion plate Optics.

More than 10 years of training, China's white LED lighting industry into the tough battle, protracted war.

The demand for LED phosphor is increasing, especially the change of package mode and the rise of high-power white LED, from single-chip dispensing to multi-chip, COB, MCOB integrated package (multi-chip low current, flip chip, , From the point - line - surface), remote excitation, etc., the integration of secondary light conversion device in the amount of phosphor increase in the white LED phosphor market space expansion, white LED lighting, optical performance indicators to improve (R9, R13, R14, R15), color saturation, color tolerance, color shift, color rendering index Ra, color rendering index R9, R13, R14, R15), light color shift from a single focus on luminous efficiency to all aspects of the transition, Thermal stability and life expectancy to further improve the design of light, the use of nano-technology to diffuse light flux from the luminous flux to improve the density of light and lighting comfort, the light environment more comfortable and more harmonious. This is the LED from the display to the lighting of a key breakthrough.

Recently, the Guangzhou Institute of Nonferrous Metals Research Institute of rare metals, Zhongshan University, common research and development "wide color gamut LCD backlight LED backlight with high efficiency rare earth luminescent materials, the key technology and industrialization" project through the identification and acceptance. Fujian Institute of material, the Shanghai Institute of silicate, the new crystal porcelain Shenzhen Co., Ltd., and other units of innovative research and development of rare earth fluoride wide color gamut phosphor combination of white LED and laser integration of rare earth fluorescent transparent ceramic substrate thermal conductivity, The advent of the material will lead to a new round of white LED industry change.

Rare earth luminescent materials

High-end applications, innovative development ideas

From the display - lighting - information industry chain point of view, white LED backlight with light guide plate, high-power white LED light conversion materials, optical components with light, white LED car headlamps, laser lighting, in particular, to solve the white LED street light high brightness , A low light rate, glare serious, poor visual effects.

R & D of natural light, wide color gamut, high color, ultra-small 6W-4000K bulb, light efficiency greater than 80LM / W, color rendering index Ra> 95, good color reproduction, excellent color saturation . In China International Rare Earth Industry Exhibition debut. Is to further expand the straight tube-shaped, ceiling lamps, flat lights, art lamps series, so that the light is softer, light color is more beautiful, more harmonious environment, a better life.

From light source materials to light-emitting devices and optical lighting materials and products.

The traditional light source lamp uses the anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet and blue-rich (460nm photobiological hazards) radiation secondary light conversion materials. According to the different light sources, the spectral energy distribution required for ordinary lighting and functional lighting is changed, which is beneficial to people's visible light , Non-visible light, with different spectral energy distribution of the fluorescent coating, the combination of light diffusion material into a silicon film, light conversion rubber film, light conversion plastic PC, light conversion glass, light conversion ceramics for fluorescent lamps, electrodeless fluorescent lamps, Light, ceramic metal halide lamp, xenon lamp, white LED lighting equipment and video lighting of the new secondary light conversion nano-microstructure, with light, anti-glare as one of the composite light guide plate, diffusion plate and optical lens. Innovative research and development of light conversion diffuse lighting of new materials and devices R & D and development and application of mass production, in particular, to solve the standardization of light distribution issues.

We must continue to expand, and strive to solve the rare earth luminescence materials and non-rare earth luminescent materials, narrowband and broadband spectrum spectrum, UV - visible light - infrared light, traditional light source equipment, modern lighting equipment, laser technology and humanities art blending. Full use of the narrow band spectrum of high color purity, high luminous flux density and broadband spectrum of the comfort and complement the color of the function to achieve high-end industrial development, quality win, from extensive to fine brand strategy.

From the microscopic to understand the relationship between powder and particles, the phosphor of the "luminescence spectrum widened, narrow particle size distribution" to the structure of the fluorescent powder production, production of spherical and sub-spherical particles of rare earth rare earth phosphor, further Improve the high temperature and high pressure solid-state reaction crystal growth technology and intelligent equipment, mass production of non-ball mill real particles, improve the hardness and light-emitting powder quality and secondary characteristics. Different types of lamps, different structures, different optical and electrical properties of the requirements to configure different physical and chemical properties of the fluorescent powder.

Improve the synthesis of rare earth phosphor in the pre - treatment and post - processing technology

Strengthen the research and application of rare-earth nanometer fluorescent material and rare-earth nano-powder phosphor coating and fluorescent lamp protective film material, perfect the coating technology of powder coating and the application technology of protective film of nanometer material of new fluorescent lamp, and improve the light color consistency and flexibility And optical performance and other technical indicators.

Improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency and life of solar photovoltaic cells, R & D R & D nano-conversion film, nano-structured light conversion back to prevent and reflect the infrared radiation, UV absorption, improve photoelectric conversion efficiency, reduce infrared and ultraviolet erosion of the chip, Change, aging.

To enhance the light with rare earth trichromatic phosphors photoelectric conversion efficiency and light color indicators, the development of non-polar fluorescent lamps for red, blue plant growth lamps with rare earth phosphor, film and television for high color, wide color gamut rare earth full spectrum phosphor.

R, R15, Ra to solve the problem of photobiological hazards, improve the luminous rate and luminous flux (light, light and light) to improve the efficiency of light, Linear density, to create ecological harmony of the natural light.

LCD display, mobile phone screen is now mostly white LED backlight, the blue chip to stimulate the combination of light-emitting phosphor, rich blue radiation seriously affected the television audience's vision. The organic combination of the secondary conversion light material and the nanometer microstructure light guide board can not only eliminate the photobiological hazard of the rich blue light, but also benefit the photobiology safety of the broad television audience. To further expand the viewing angle of the LCD screen to improve the white LED backlight TV performance in the lack of color to address the white balance and hue, color saturation, improve image clarity.

To be calm and rational treatment of rare earth energy-saving fluorescent lamps and white LED lighting equipment development, because they are still a process of improvement and maturity, the development of advanced productive forces to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industry, their strengths, complement each other, eliminate backward, hand in hand . In order to achieve the "change a light bulb, while changing our way of thinking, we can change the whole world," the will to promote a new type of rare earth ecological lighting the pioneering and innovative, transboundary transformation and industrial upgrading, service the world.

Said the lighting market in recent years difficult to do, LED big opportunity has suffered a major challenge, the entire lighting industry is full of price wars, mergers and acquisitions tide, run the door, lost door, resignation tide, closures tide. Counter-current continues ... To respect the objective, this is the inevitable process of development.

As Pan Guanggen, president of Far Optical, said: "We always need to do business with the times and constantly innovate, but innovation can not deny their own good things, on the contrary we have these good precipitation experience continue to sum up and carry forward "To respect the tradition. "One is divided into two, combined into one", with independent intellectual property rights, China's core + China powder cross-border integration, strong I Chinese. (Author: China Light Industry Association of rare earth materials branch)

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