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Development And Application Of Tungsten Electrode Welding Flux Used In The United States

In  the United States tungsten electrode welding with flux research lags  far behind the former Soviet Union, in 1993 the United States Edison  Welding Institute (EWI) - Naval Connection Center (NJC) to begin study  of the tungsten electrode welding with flux, the project the  total investment of $ 800,000 for the development of stainless steel,  tungsten electrode welding carbon steel, nickel-based alloys and  titanium alloy with solder, which research costs and carbon steel  welding stainless steel flux-sub project is $ 250,000, the sub-items  in 1998 and basically completed, the development of welding stainless  steel flux-SS series has been commercialized, stainless steel and carbon  arc welding with flux has been put into industrial applications, the  use of nickel-based alloy solder have been developed, it is development of aluminum, titanium products with an active flux. SS  series flux can be used in more than 300 kinds of austenitic stainless  steel welding, weld penetration increased to more than 9mm, SS7 flux  with J-. Welding diameter 325px, the advantages of stainless steel pipe  wall thickness of 7mm or so has been recognized, the use of vertical  slope mouth, two bead to complete the docking pipe (second track for an  Holes to fill the first to leave a weak depression). SS7  flux can be artificially brush, solder coating thickness of the coating  to fully cover the appropriate qualities of steel (corresponding to a  thickness of about 0.013 mm, flux consumption of about 0.3g / m), also  can be mechanical brushing new  method of solder layer, in order to facilitate large-scale  applications, to improve the uniformity of the coating thickness, these  two methods can make brushing SS7 flux industrial application. They sell with a solder LFX-SS7 flux stick together and solvent  bottles, brush coating, describes how to use CD-ROM or the like, the  solder contains no sulfur, and hydrocarbon fluorides.

In  terms of welding stainless steel, SS series flux and conventional  automatic welding equipment available with the following advantages:  reducing or eliminating the various heats the steel sheet is caused by  differences in trace elements penetration differences, reduce the amount  of beveling, welding 6 ~ 7mm when the thickness of the steel, a butt that is basically completed,  reducing welding distortion, while the weld quality is not affected.

American  Development stainless steel and carbon arc welding with flux is used in  the construction, and conventional welding processes catamaran housing  and two tankers, compared to 75% can save time, the Navy is using the  welding flux ship ship and submarine pipeline system and some components use. Such  flux can be used in aerospace, chemical industry, pressure vessels,  marine engineering and other fields, estimated after five years, 29: 1  return on investment.

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