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Development Survey Of Welding Consumables

    Development Overview: 2010 China's steel apparent consumption of about 770 million tons, China's welding consumables consumption and steel consumption ratio of about 0.6%, so far, 2010 welding materials consumption in about 4.65 million tons. At present, China's welding materials manufacturers in nearly thousands, has formed in Tianjin, Zigong, Shanghai, Kunshan, Jinzhou, and other major enterprise groups. As the size of the domestic market continues to expand, the international famous welding materials manufacturers have come to China to build factories, the use of its technical advantages and capital advantages to occupy high-end welding materials market, and domestic enterprises to launch direct competition.Welding Consumables
    China's welding materials industry has a higher degree of marketization, welding consumables in the ordinary low-grade electrode and copper-plated wire low technical content, entry threshold is low, in recent years has shown serious overcapacity. As the market competition intensifies, the industry presents a large-scale, group of business model, some domestic enterprises through low-cost means to eat the market at the same time, is speeding up the pace of product restructuring, in order to occupy the high-end market. China's welding materials industry products are still mainly hand-made electrodes, in 2008, the proportion of welding consumables in    China is 48.9%, the proportion of automatic welding material core and flux cored wire in welding materials is 40.5%, compared with that of Japan, Korea and other industrial developed countries, the consumption proportion of welding consumables with higher degree of automation is still very low in China.
    Therefore, the future development of China's welding materials product strategy gradually shifted, by the higher degree of automation and high quality products gradually replace handmade products, hand-made electrode products gradually to high-strength, high toughness, low hydrogen, environmental protection direction, to meet the different varieties, different welding structure, different service conditions under different welding technology requirements.Welding Consumables
    The possibility of single harmful factors in welding process is very small, except for its main harmful factors, there are some other harmful factors. It must be pointed out that there are several harmful factors, which are more toxic to the human body than single harmful factors. Therefore, for some harmful factors that do not appear to exceed the health standards, the necessary sanitary precautions should be taken.Welding Consumables

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