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Fluxes For Welding Consumables

              Flux: In the welding process can help and promote the welding process, while having a protective effect, to prevent the oxidation reaction of chemical substances. Flux can be divided into solid, liquid and gas. Mainly "auxiliary heat conduction", "Remove oxides", "reduce the welding material surface tension", "remove the surface of the welding material oil, increase the welding area", "prevent the oxidation" and other aspects of the more critical role in these several aspects are: "Remove oxides" and "reduce the surface tension of welding materials."

              ⑴ flux should have an appropriate active temperature range. Before the solder melts, the effect of removing the oxide film and reducing the surface tension of the liquid solder is better played during the welding process. The melting point of the flux should be lower than the melting point of the solder, but it is not easy to vary.Welding Consumables

              ⑵ flux should have good thermal stability, the general thermal stability temperature is not less than 100 ℃.

              ⑶ flux density should be less than the density of liquid solder, so that the flux can be spread evenly on the surface of the weld metal, film-like cover on the solder and welded metal surface, effectively isolate the air and promote the wetting of the solder to the Masterbatch.Welding Consumables

              ⑷ flux residues should not be corrosive and easy to clean, should not precipitate toxic, harmful gases, to have in line with the electronic industry requirements of water-soluble resistance and insulation resistance, do not absorb moisture, do not produce mold, chemical properties stable, easy to store.Welding Consumables

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