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Green Industry And Tungsten Heater

Recently,  it was reported that National Development and Reform Commission  associate director, Zhang Yong said that The Communist Party of China’s  18th Central Committee considered the improvement of the amount and the  quality of environment is the requirement of propose for building a  well-off society in an all-round way, adhere to green development,  promoting harmony between man and nature.


With  the rapid development of China's industry, environmental damage is  increasing year by year, air pollution is growing every year, which has  become one of the most serious environmental problems in China, such as  the presence of particulate matter in many parts of mainland China, and  it is very common in the north of China. And sulfur dioxide pollution is  also very serious pollution. Northwest has been suffered from dust  pollution for a long time. Particulate matter in north China would often  form large-scale haze weather. In the south, because the soil is  acidic, emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are also very  large, so area of acid rain affects almost one-third of the homeland.  Therefore, China will support the green clean production to promote the  transformation of traditional manufacturing, promote the establishment  of green low-carbon development cycle of industrial system, and  encourage enterprises to renew technology and equipment.


Recently,  tungsten market (tungsten heater) has been in a state of slow growth.  China pays more attention to the environment, which makes tungsten  enterprises take more serious on the quality in the production process  of tungsten products. Therefore, tungsten industry would gradually move  closer to the direction of the green production. On the one hand, it can  ensure that the environment is not polluted, on the other hand, it can  ensure high-quality production of tungsten products. Moreover, green is a  global trend, only follow the trend of the times so that enterprises  cannot be eliminated.

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