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High Density Analysis Of Compound Tungsten Electrode

The study of refractory materials in the world has evolved from the traditional "high purity, superfine, uniform \" to "nanometer, composite design and integrated manufacturing". Through these advanced technologies, refractory tungsten alloy materials can not only retain their own such as high melting point, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties, and can greatly improve the comprehensive mechanical properties.Compound Tungsten Electrode 

At present, the research and application of refractory metals is still a certain distance from other metal materials, so it is the focus of current research to further optimize and improve the processing technology of various tungsten alloy materials according to the requirements of different application fields for material performance.Compound Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten and tungsten alloys with high density, high strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance and good mechanical processing and other comprehensive properties have been widely used in aerospace, military equipment, electronics, chemical and many other fields. Improving the plasticity and brittle transition temperature of tungsten and tungsten alloy materials to further improve its high thermal and strong performance has been a persistent research hotspot in the field of tungsten alloys.Compound Tungsten Electrode 

Therefore, the main content of tungsten research and development is the plastic-brittle transition behavior, the high temperature strength characteristics, the welding and compounding, the optimization of the preparation process. The technical research and development around these elements are: purification, refinement, toughening and compounding.Compound Tungsten Electrode

According to the results of foreign data and domestic application research, all the resistant tungsten wires are based on doped tungsten, then added micro-amounts of CO or a few re elements, in order to obtain better high-temperature ductility and enhance the shock resistance of tungsten wire.Compound Tungsten Electrode 

Therefore, the development of shock-resistant tungsten wire must first focus on the subject of doping system optimization control, to achieve synchronous enhancement of tungsten carbide high temperature strength, creep resistance and high-temperature recrystallization after the temperature of the target, so as to obtain a good shock resistance of the tungsten wire On the other hand, on the basis of high quality doped tungsten wire, cobalt or rhenium with solid dissolution effect can be added to increase the ductility of the room temperature after recrystallization.Compound Tungsten Electrode

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