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Learn About Tungsten For TIG Welding Aluminum

The following electrodes can be used for TIG welding aluminum, but there are a few rules and caveats that will need to be discussed below:

  • Orange: 2% ceriated (on AC)

  • Blue: 2% lanthanated (AC and DC)

  • Gold 1.5 lanthanated (AC and DC)

  • Red: 2% thoriated (DC only)

  • Green: pure tungsten (DC only)

Don’t use green on the AC side since pure tungsten will ball up, especially if you’re using an inverter. Some welders have a particular favorite kind of tungsten. They may swear by thoriated or pure tungsten. The truth is that each kind of tungsten listed above can work if you have the right settings and the right application.

The tough part is that it’s easy to mess up when TIG welding aluminum, so there are plenty of other things to consider.

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