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Maike Tunsgten Electrode--Kinds Of Tungsten Electrode For TIG

Maike Tunsgten Electrode--Kinds of Tungsten Electrode for TIG

Maike Tungsten Electrode,as one of the professional TIG Tungsten electrodes manufacturers in China.Provide kinds of Tungsten Electrode for you,as WTh,WCe,WLa,WZr,WP,WY,WR.

Suitable products for you with better service,also in Win-Win cooperation.

Now our markets is in USA,UK,Korea,Brazil and other area/countries.Good cooperation between us.

Glad to receive your inquiry if need.Not only for business,we'd like to be your friend,too.

Maike Tungsten Electrode

The base of R&D and manufacturing factory of Maike is located in ZIBO which is famous for its heavy industry.

The corporation holds the concept of :specialty and concentration;technology and innovation,fully understand customers’ real requirements,and then create value for customers.We adopt international advanced technology and equipment,follow and carry out the international quality production standards.

Committing ourselves into developing and manufacturing the product series of Thorium-Tungsten,Cerium-tungsten Electrodes,Lanthanum-Tungsten Electrodes,Zirconium-Tungsten Electrodes,Pure-Tungsten Electrodes,Yttrium-Tungsten Electrodes and Combined-Tungsten Electrodes and Thorium Tungsten Wires.

Maike Tungsten Electrode

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