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Overview Of The Development Of Welding Consumables

   Welding material refers to the material commonly used when welding, such as electrode, wire, metal powder, flux, gas and so on. Welding industry is developing rapidly, mainly divided into argon welding, CO2 welding, oxygen cutting, welding.

   China's apparent consumption of steel in 2010 is about 770 million tons, China's welding consumables and steel consumption ratio of about 0.6%, we can see that in 2010 the consumption of welding materials in the 4.65 million tons.

At present, China's welding materials manufacturers nearly a thousand, has formed Tianjin, Zigong, Shanghai, Kunshan, Jinzhou, such as several major enterprise groups. As the domestic market continues to expand, the world's leading manufacturers of welding materials have come to China to build factories, the use of its technological advantages and capital advantage to occupy high-end welding materials market, and domestic enterprises to compete directly.

   China's welding materials industry, a higher degree of marketization, welding materials in the ordinary low-grade welding electrodes and copper wire technology is low, lower access threshold, in recent years has shown a serious excess capacity. With the increasing market competition, the industry has shown a large-scale, group of business model, some domestic enterprises through low-cost means to erode the market at the same time, is accelerating the pace of product structure adjustment in order to occupy the high-end market.Welding Consumables

China's welding materials industry, the product is still the main electrode, in 2008 China's welding rod in the proportion of welding materials 48.9%, automatic welding consumables solid core and flux cored wire in the welding material in a total of 40.5%, with Japan, South Korea and other industrialized countries 80% of the value compared to China's high degree of automation of the proportion of welding consumables is still very low.Welding Consumables

Therefore, the future development of China's welding materials product development strategy gradually shift from a high degree of automation and efficient high-quality products gradually replace the hand-type products, hand-welding products gradually to high strength, high toughness, low hydrogen, environmental protection direction to meet different varieties, Different welding structure, different service conditions under different welding technical requirements.Welding Consumables

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