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Price Tend Of Tungsten

After the Lantern Festival, tungsten enterprises ushered in the real  start of the tide, especially the raw material market impact of the  larger APT smelter, the main producing areas of Jiangxi region, no  special reasons, the smelting enterprises have started production.

The  main areas of Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Gansu, Xinjiang and other  places, tungsten sand market offer very little, in addition to Henan  large-scale tungsten ore offer, the other areas of tungsten mines and  trade Enterprises are basically no tungsten concentrate offer.

Tungsten  concentrates basically no quotation, the majority of smelters basically  did not offer to the market, the main market transactions from Jiangxi  and Fujian two large tungsten enterprises long single, APT cash price of  110,000 yuan / ton. Henan a large smelter acceptance price of 11.2-11.3 million / ton.

At  present, a large-scale tungsten enterprises in Fujian APT long single  take a weekly price, its long single purchase close to 10% of the bulk  market, the long single price has become an important reference price of  the market, there have been smelters said in the market inquiry , There have been companies require a long single price to purchase.

Tungsten  futures market is expected to slightly rise, mainly due to tight supply  from the raw material market, APT market will be reluctant to sell the  attitude, as well as most companies optimistic attitude will also affect  the market to a certain extent.

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