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Pure Tungsten Electrode (WP)--Maike Tungsten Electrode

Pure Tungsten Electrode (WP)--Maike Tungsten Electrode

The pure Tungsten Electrode is the one without any addition of oxide.The power of e electrode transgression is as high as 4.5ev.Requiring a high voltage for arc derivation; it has a low current capacity and is easily burnt. It is suitable for application under the condition of AC and in the situation of low welding requirements. 




We are the manufacturer directly supplier of Tungsten Electrode in China for several years,with high quality and competitive price.

So many of our clients in German, Italy,Spain,USA,Japan,UK,Korea and others, such as US Alloy,Trafimet Group,keeps good cooperation with us.


Anything we can help,please feel free to contact me.

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