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Taboo For Use Of Welding Consumables

           1, the electrode should not be directly placed in the heated box baking: the electrode used before the necessary baking, and the drying of the alkaline electrode in the temperature control in the 100 ℃ insulation tube, with the use of. Some unused alkaline electrodes if the air in a longer time, easy to absorb moisture, the next day to bake again. Through the removal of water and crystalline water inside the electrode to ensure the welding process arc combustion stability and weld metal quality.Welding Consumables

           But it is worth noting that the baking electrode, should be placed in the electric heating thermostat drying box gradually heating, not directly into the oven has been heated, especially because of poor storage and serious damp of the electrode, will be suddenly affected by high temperature, water evaporation and sudden expansion, so that the electrode skin rupture.Welding Consumables

            2, the drying of the electrode should not be exposed to the air for too long: after drying the electrode should be placed in the drying box or stored in the electrode insulation tube with the use of. If the drying electrode is exposed to the air for too long time, electrode skin will quickly damp, so that the content of the electrode drug in the proliferation of hydrogen significantly increased, especially exposure to the first 1-2 hours of the air absorption of the fastest, the use of this moisture-absorbing electrode for the important structure of welding, will have a negative impact on the quality of welding. Therefore, in the welding construction, the drying of the electrode from the oven after removal, should be used up within 2 hours, for high-strength steel electrode, should be used up within 1 hours, or need to be baked again; or the electrode from the electrode box removed, immediately into the 150 ℃ of the electrode heat preservation tube storage, with the use of, should not be stored in the open air time too long.Welding Consumables

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