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Thorium Tungsten Electrode--Widely Used In Various TIG And PAW

Thorium Tungsten Electrode--Widely used in various TIG and PAW

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  Thoriated tungsten electrode contains 0.8%-4.2% thorium oxide,its electron work function is 2.7eV.Arc to be easier,electric arc stable.It performs well with overload current,so it's widely used in various TIG and PAW.

  Thorium oxide has strong current-carrying capacity,high recrystallization temerature,better conductivity,stronger mechanical cutting performance and longer service life.When welding,the tip of thoriated tungsten electrode keeps sharpening so that the ball on the tip of tungsten electrode can be not easy to crack at a greater degree of assurance.

  Now,Thorium-tungsten electrode is widely used in welding carbon steel,stainless steel,nickel alloy and titanium metal.It becomes the first selection material for high quality welding.

  Shandong Maike Non-Ferrous Metal Technology Co.,LTD is a well-known enterprise which devote to research and develop, production and sales, technical services and self-management import and export business of tungsten and molybdenum and other rare metal material. Factory area:20000m2, 300 employees, as a technology lead type company, all staff passed professional education for all around development and professional skill trained, the proportion of specialty engineering and technical personnel of more than 40%, and laid a solid foundation for long term development of the company.

ItemModelIntermingled materialsIntermingled Quantity%Color Standard
Thorium Tungsten ElectrodeWT10ThO20.90-1.20Yellow

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