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Thorium-Tungsten Electrode (WTh) For TIG Welding--Maike Tungsten Electrode

Thorium-Tungsten Electrode (WTh) for TIG welding--Maike Tungsten Electrode

Thorium-Tungsten Electrode is widely used as an additive oxide electrode,haveing much more advanced comprehensive welding performance than the properties of Pure Tungsten Electrode and other additive oxide electrodes.


It can not be replaced by other oxide electrodes during the long use process. It can be operated easily and current load is high .It can produce arc easily and steadily ,and the gap of the  breaking arc is big ,loss less and long life .It has much higher recrystallizing temperature, much better conductivity and better mechanical cutting property .It is used for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy and titanium metal. It is the first selection material for high quality welding.



Maike Tungsten Electrode,as one of the professional TIG Tungsten electrodes manufacturers,we hold the most advanced production equipments and test machines, to produce the raw material by ourselves.So our Tungsten price is more advantage in the market. also owns a larger output compared with other suppliers .

Working with us,you will get more benefit with excellent  service.

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