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International: Federal Reserve Chairman of the New York Fed Huak this morning issued a statement of partial hawk sentiment, the expected US economy in the second half of a strong stabilization; UK to Europe continue to ferment uncertainty, the European banking crisis intensified; Friday 17:00, will be announced Eurozone 8 Rose adjusted trade balance.


China's September CPI rebounded to an annualized rate of 1.9% in September, CPI and PPI continued scissors in September after both strong rebound; the third installment of PPP The total investment of 1.17 trillion, the land policy has been liberalized; China's foreign trade is still facing three major difficulties, the RMB depreciation pressure may increase; the State Council crack down on loans, real estate finance to bring "tight curse"; China in September passenger car sales Rose nearly 30%, the fastest pace for three and a half years; the yuan central parity raised 139 points, ending 7 losing streak.


Industry: the US EIA crude oil inventories surge than expected, the US oil 11 contract is still not changed after a strong plunge; October 13 LME global copper stocks decreased 1,700 tons, copper canceled warrants 88,650 tons; September inflation data significantly warmer The positive impact of the boost or greatly reduced, the base metal as a whole continue to maintain the weak shock judgments; aluminum processing enterprises to implement "coal to gas" is a general trend.


Tungsten market today: the tungsten market, a strong run, tungsten concentrate continued to reluctant sellers, ammonium tungstate and tungsten bar trading volume continued to increase.

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