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The electrochemical behavior of the tungsten electrode to copper(Ⅱ)and the elimination of interferences from tita-nium and chromium in aluminium determi-nation are studied. It is found that the tungsten electrode has a characteristic response to copper(Ⅱ)with high selectivi-ty. The response time is short and the potential can be recovered easily by rins-ing with water. The potentiometric deter-mination of aluminium is permitted in the presence of a large amount of tita-nium and chromium. Interferences from titanium and chro-mium are eliminated by the addition of masking agent amygdalic acid or tartaric acid. The amount of tartaric acid must be controlled, because it can also forms complex with aluminium. If tartaric acid in excess is added too much, low results will be obtained. Moreover, the reaction be tween chromium(Ⅲ)and CDTA can be facilitated by increasing temperature and prolonged by standing of the test solu- tion. Therefore in the determination of aluminium in the presence of chromium(Ⅲ), the solution should not be heated to a temperature higher than 50℃ after the addition of masking agent and CDTA, and, should be back-titrated immediately by copper(Ⅱ)after the solution is cooled. The method has been successfully used in the determination of aluminium in glass(~l0% TiO_2), coating (5-90%TiO_2), chromium oxide(~95%C_2pO_3,~5%AI_2O_3). etc. with satisfactory results. Hence this method is recommended as a simple and accurate method for the determination of aluminium in the presence of a large amount of titanium and chromium.

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