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Tungsten Electrode Market Analysis

This  year tungsten products market ups and downs frequently, the impact of  price changes, the basic factors can be summarized as: policy good,  trade funds, seasonal factors, large enterprise participation, cost line  pressure and so on. Tungsten concentrate storage  and storage of the Fifth National Reserve brought about by the direct  role is to boost confidence, especially tungsten raw material supply  enterprises, the main producing areas of Jiangxi and Hunan region seems  to enter the wait and see attitude, tungsten mines and traders to  temporarily stop shipping , Respectively.

Tungsten  market into low-frequency trading, but also meet the terminal market  demand in the end of the downturn in the actual market, with the  tungsten concentrate back to 70,000 yuan / standard ton, profit margins  under pressure, some by the price difference between the profitability  of trade enterprises To reduce. Mainstream  smelting enterprises want to continue to fill tungsten concentrate, but  the current side of the state of mind is divided into two kinds of raw  materials, one is the price is still room for growth, the temporary  suspension of shipments. Another too fast rise in prices, causing smelting directly upside down serious.

Tungsten  is expected to continue strong, there is still room for the uplink, but  with the end of the year approaches, companies need to be cautious.

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