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Tungsten Electrode Raw Material Market

The  first quarter of the year, tungsten is still the continuation of 2016  volatility fluctuations in the current round of price increases and fall  time in a month or so, but during the tungsten supply and demand  relationship has not changed. Tungsten prices rose mainly due to seasonal factors and trade capital  inflows, and the price drop is also due to the seasonal timeliness and  trade funds outflow.

Long-term  so, tungsten enterprises have become another important factor in  tungsten price fluctuations, the majority of tungsten enterprises have  to see the nature of fluctuations in price fluctuations, will be a  reasonable hedge operation, reasonable price shipments, once in the  rising range, the market spot Increase, the other tungsten enterprises will be the chain reaction,  and even some tungsten enterprises will use the rapid price adjustment  to deal with.

And large enterprises long single price on the market is still profound. Fujian, a large tungsten enterprises are slightly higher than the  market price of tungsten goods to form a certain support, but due to the  spot market weakness still exists, tungsten goods trading prices  slightly chaotic, APT transaction price range gradually opened.

Spot  market, the current mainstream smelter smelting tungsten ore mining  prices are 1 yuan / kg, no orders and prices difficult to stabilize the  background, most smelters remain cautious. Tungsten concentrate trading is not active, the price fell faster, the  mainstream tungsten ore for the current price of the approval takes  time.

In  the short term, tungsten prices slow down the market, the market is  difficult to make good, with most companies bearish expectations,  tungsten prices are still in decline channel.

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