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Tungsten Electrode Raw Material Rising Price Trend

January to  February this year, the tungsten concentrate market positive reported  up, the average price of ammonium triiodate rose 9.7%, iron and iron  average price rose 2.9%, are a few months high. However,  at the beginning of March, with the gradual release of raw materials,  tungsten city transactions gradually normalized, even in the larger  shipments under the impact of tungsten prices appear fragile.

At present, the tungsten product market mainstream offer steady, although the market is still worried about supply pressure. However,  there are also analysts believe that 2017 tungsten city demand will  benefit from the mine to start to accelerate, as well as infrastructure  investment overweight, which showed a moderate upward trend. At  the same time, in the large-scale supply side of the reform,  environmental protection level will continue to form a suppression of  the supply side of the tungsten.

The  current tungsten concentrate prices are still in the vicinity of the  industry profit and loss line, a large area of tungsten ore production  complex probability is not expected, there is still some room to rise in  tungsten prices. In the short term, the demand  side has not yet fully released, there is a certain pressure on the  supply side, tungsten prices are expected to shock and stable operation.

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