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Tungsten Market Analysis

At present, the  tungsten market is still weak spot transactions, tungsten concentrate  market trading stagnation, trade enterprises are basically not quoted,  and smelter procurement has been completed in the early, a small amount  of spot transactions from the smelting market, Hunan APT cash  transaction price of 114,000 Yuan / ton.

In fact, the root cause of the tungsten raw material industry is the tungsten ore and smelters caused by oversupply. Supply,  tungsten concentrate supply gradually tend to normal level, the price  is higher than the cost of private tungsten mines, by cost on the  regulation of tungsten concentrate production is less likely; demand,  the terminal carbide, high speed steel and special steel, tungsten Deep  processing and oil catalysts and other industries demand stable, and  even after the Spring Festival prices have been some of the procurement  needs ahead of overdraft.

Coupled with the  interests of the market is difficult to convergence, policy-oriented is  not obvious, is expected in March tungsten prices will remain weak. It  is noteworthy that a large-scale listing of tungsten enterprises in  Fujian APT long weekly price reduction, but slightly higher than the  market, showing a firm attitude in the market Yindie background, the  long single price is expected to temporarily support the market.

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