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Tungsten Mining Enterprises Are Most Concerned About The Low Price Of Tungsten Products, Tungsten Raw Materials Market In An Upward Trend

Tungsten concentrate spot price of more than 70,000 yuan / standard ton, from the mainstream supply of the spot market enterprises to see, tungsten ore holding companies shipping intention is not high. Henan Province, the largest domestic tungsten ore still offer, the market spot purchase only exists in the bulk market, the current wool market, more than 60 degrees black tungsten ore purchase price of 0.98 yuan / kg, 60 degrees above the white tungsten ore The purchase price of 0.95 yuan / kg. APT cash transactions in the 108,000 yuan / ton, individual enterprises offer 11 million / ton, but the price of tungsten concentrate is still no advantage, APT transactions have not a lot of follow-up, some tungsten powder production enterprises, The current APT price equivalent to tungsten carbide cost will be more than 175 yuan / kg, but the actual sales price is only 170 yuan / kg, tungsten powder production enterprises need to meet the raw material prices rose orders.

Recently, the tungsten raw material market is in the rising trend, starting from the end of September tungsten raw materials rebounded, until now, tungsten concentrate prices 5,000 yuan / standard ton, APT prices 7,000 yuan / ton, more than half in October, demand is still not To market expectations, the upstream and downstream game situation continues to exist, but the raw material market is still a reluctant sellers attitude. Tungsten from the entire market, the largest tungsten products are the victims of tungsten mine, tungsten price fluctuations are the biggest victims of processing enterprises, the biggest beneficiaries of tungsten price fluctuations is the trade-oriented enterprises. So the basic see, the tungsten products are most concerned about low-cost tungsten mining enterprises, low-cost direct impact on the profits of tungsten mines, and even tungsten mine losses caused by state-owned enterprises mainly tungsten mine enterprises are actively maintaining the market. Processing enterprises do not want the tungsten price fluctuations, tungsten prices directly affect the stability of the procurement of production and sales operations. Trade-based firms are looking for opportunities in volatile markets.

Today, black tungsten standard mine offer 7.1-7.3 million / standard ton, offer flat. APT offer 10.8-11 million / ton, offer flat. Tungsten carbide offer 170-172 yuan / kg, the average price rose 2 yuan / kg. Tungsten is expected to remain in the low price of raw materials prices, the mainstream large-scale mines reluctant sellers continue, you can determine the root causes of the problem as long as the tungsten industry is not resolved, production-oriented enterprises have to use trade-oriented thinking to arm themselves, but also trade-oriented enterprises Followed by production-oriented enterprises.

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