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Two Kinds Of Welding Wire

           Carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding gas is carbon dioxide (sometimes Co2po2 mixed gas). Due to the special effects of 0 thermal and physical properties of carbon dioxide gas, when using conventional welding power, the molten metal at the end of the weld wire is not able to form a balanced axial free transition, and it is usually necessary to use short circuit and droplet necking, therefore, compared with the MIG welding, the splash is more. However, if the use of high-quality welder, parameter selection is appropriate, you can get a very stable welding process, so that the minimum splash to the extent. Because of the low price of the protective gas, the weld is well formed when the short circuit is used, and the welding wire with the deoxidation agent can be used to obtain the high quality welded joint without internal defect. Therefore, this welding method has become one of the most important welding methods for black metal materials.Welding Wire

          Electric spark discharge coating cold welding Machine special welding wire, used in the normal temperature of surfacing or welding, welding one seconds after the characteristics of the wire temperature is not more than 40 degrees Celsius, continuous welding not ultra-high 80 degrees Celsius. Mainly used for some heat-resistant parts repair, welding stoppage, temperature generally controlled at about 40 degrees Celsius, wall thickness in 0.4-0.5 mm, the highest is not higher than 100 degrees Celsius.Welding Wire

         The heat affected zone of welding wire weld is very small and will not produce internal stress. Very suitable for casting parts defects, parts surface tension, wear, mold defects repair. Welding wire temperature Why so low, because the welding wire melting is a micro-melting state, in contact with the workpiece, through the external force quickly formed a small part of the short circuit moving workpiece up, because the melting less, the workpiece compared with a lot. The temperature soon gave out. The welding wire temperature will not continue to rise to its entire red, red-resistant ability. Compared with ordinary welding wire, if the duration is too long, there will be serious welding wire redness, solder black phenomenon. Even if welding, welding repair, easy to appear oxidation, slag, welding is not high, and affect its subsequent processing.Welding Wire

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