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Use And Output Of Pure Tungsten Electrodes

            Pure Tungsten Electrodes are the earliest electrodes used in argon arc welding, however, under the condition of DC welding, the electrode of the variety can not be arcing or maintain instability, and adding rare earth oxides could greatly improve the situation, therefore, the pure tungsten electrode is only used as the welding electrode under AC condition or as the resistance welding electrode. The pure tungsten electrode contains the lowest 99.5% tungsten, no alloying element. Pure tungsten has very high electron escaping power, so it is more difficult to arc the pure tungsten electrode than other alloy tungsten electrodes, and it is more difficult to maintain the stability of the arc beam. In addition, because of the high electron escaping power, the electrode tip temperature is higher and the grain is easy to grow, which will lead to the instability of the arc beam, the arc is more difficult, and the service life is shorter. Pure tungsten is used only for AC welding, but good DC can also be selected.Pure Tungsten Electrode

            The use of pure tungsten electrodes is most widely used under alternating welding alternating current. It is generally used for welding aluminum, magnesium alloy (AC) is generally used under AC power. The pure tungsten electrode can also be provided with a clean, heated solder ball sharpened. This shape provides a balanced waveform AC welding arc stability and is particularly good. The pure tungsten electrode also provides a good arc stability of the sine wave alternating current welding of aluminum, magnesium. However, they are not used for DC soldering. Pure tungsten electrodes are widely used in specific welding applications in various industries.Pure Tungsten Electrode

            The total consumption of tungsten electrodes worldwide is up to 1600t per year, and market demand continues to grow with the development of the economy. The annual output of China tungsten electrode accounts for about 3/4 of the world's tungsten electrode production. The annual output of China's tungsten electrodes has been growing steadily, and production has grown significantly since 2005, reaching 1200t in 2009.Pure Tungsten Electrode

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