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Welding Consumables In The Future Development Overview

    Welding material refers to the material commonly used when welding, such as electrodes, welding wire, metal powder, flux, gas and so on. Welding industry is developing rapidly, mainly divided into argon welding, CO2 welding, oxygen cutting, welding. China's welding materials industry, a higher degree of marketization, welding materials in the ordinary low-grade welding rod and copper wire technology is low, lower threshold, in recent years has been a serious overcapacity. With the increasing market competition, the industry has shown a large-scale, group of business model, some domestic enterprises through the low-cost means of eating the market at the same time, is accelerating the pace of product structure adjustment in order to occupy the high-end market.Welding Consumables  Therefore, the future development of China's welding materials product development strategy gradually transferred from the high degree of automation and efficient high-quality products gradually replace the hand-type products, hand-welding products gradually to high strength, high toughness, low hydrogen, environmental protection direction to meet different varieties, Different welding structure, different service conditions under different welding technical requirements. Now the rapid development of welding industry, mainly divided into argon welding, CO2 welding, oxygen cutting, welding, gas welding, self-protection welding.Welding Consumables

    Features: (1) welding labor health is the main research object is melting welding, and which the largest problem of labor safety of arc welding, submerged arc welding, electroslag welding the least problem. (2) leather electrode welding arc welding, carbon arc gouging and CO2 gas shielded welding and other major harmful factors are generated during the welding process of a soot dust. Especially the welding arc welding. And carbon arc gouging, if the long-term operation in a small space (boilers, cabin, closed containers and pipes, etc.) welding operation, and in the case of poor health protection, the respiratory system will cause harm, serious Suffering from welding pneumoconiosis. (3) toxic gases are gas welding and plasma arc welding of a major harmful factors, the concentration is relatively high will cause symptoms of poisoning. Especially ozone and nitrogen oxides, which are generated by the arc of high temperature radiation acting on oxygen and nitrogen in the air.Welding Consumables

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