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  • Wire Cutting Molybdenum Wire
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    Wire Cutting Molybdenum Wire

    Application: Special wire cutting molybdenum wire used for cutting various non-ferrous metals, steel and magnetic materials processing. Performance characteristics: The special wire cutting molybdenum wire was produced by special processing technology has high strength, good discharge...Read More
  • Molybdenum Assembling Parts
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    Molybdenum Assembling Parts

    molybdenum assembling parts is the core component of microwave oven magnetron coil, we have the complete molybdenum assembling parts industry chain, high dimensional accuracy, resistance control precision, good high temperature performance, high surface finish, long service life, etc.Read More
  • Thorium Tungsten Wire
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    Thorium Tungsten Wire

    We are the only professional manufacturer of electronic works,magnetron with thorium cathode tungsten wire.Have the complete tube industry chain,product size precision is high,the resistance control precision, high temperature performance is good,high surface finish,long service life. Product...Read More
  • What Are The Functions Of The Welding Wire
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    What Are The Functions Of The Welding Wire

    The welding wire is the same as that of the coated electrode. The manufacturer of the flux cored wire has its unique formula. The composition of the flux is different depending on the applicable function of the welding consumables. The basic functions of the flux composition are as follows: ?...Read More
  • Tungsten-rhenium Wire
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    Tungsten-rhenium Wire

    Tungsten-rhenium wire is the powder metallurgy, processing pressure and electrochemical processing as the main body of professional technology, with wire, rod materials with different properties and products for the product, to produce single crystal sapphire as the main application field, it is...Read More
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